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The climate crisis is our calling: To restructure economies, find healthier lifestyles and spark global solidarity. We created the Climate Solutions Hub to present some of the world’s most effective organizations working on this transition.

Who we are

Learn, explore, act: For nearly two decades, Active Philanthropy has identified powerful climate solutions. We believe strategic climate funding is the missing link for the bold and widespread action we need. With the climate crisis unfolding, there’s no more time to lose. 

If you have something to give, we can turn your funding into impact.

  • Based in Berlin, Germany
  • Founded in 2006
  • Non-profit, non-partisan
  • 200+ clients served
  • Team of 12

We are both pathfinders and safety net for those seeking guidance to effective climate action.

Dr. Felicitas von Peter
Founder and Managing Partner of Active Philanthropy

What we do

We support private funders and foundations to develop strategies for fighting the climate crisis. We’ve set up the Climate Solutions Hub as a fast lane to some of the smartest and most thoroughly vetted projects from across the globe.

With your help, this community of action can achieve fundamental change in due time. To keep our planet cool, but also to protect public health, promote social justice and shape an economy within planetary boundaries.

What partners say

Active Philanthropy has a deep knowledge of the climate and philanthropy sectors and a unique ability to bring the two together. They were happy to connect us to their extensive network, turned a complex ecosystem of options into a meaningful opportunity. And ultimately helped us find a place from where we can add the most value.

Nalini Tarakeshwar

Director Programs, UBS Philanthropy Services

Our Greenland expedition’s facilitation and group dynamic were terrific and incredibly professionally run. Seeing how this experience opened the eyes and inspired the participants to become a part of the solution is a testimony to the powerful concept. The peer-to-peer learning and connections made across generations were equally so.

Gunhild Stordalen

Founder & Executive Chair, EAT foundation 

Nobody is big enough to do it themselves! Active Philanthropy gave me a straightforward access point into philanthropy and the landscape of foundations. When we started, it was helpful to have a source, a connection to the right people – and then one door opened after another.

Hans Schöpflin

Founder and Chair of the Executive Board, Schöpflin Stiftung

Meet the team

Dr. Felicitas von Peter

Founder and Managing Partner

With her vast knowledge and network in philanthropy, Felicitas brought the Climate Solutions Hub to life and acclaimed partners on board.

Daniel Kruse

Hub Lead Manager

Daniel is responsible for the Hub’s redesign, management and marketing. As a social entrepreneur, he has led campaigns for multiple NGOs and facilitated innovation spaces lasting five days to five weeks. 

Karolin Strunz

Accounting Manager

Karolin brings operational experience from various industries, including tech VC, start-ups and corporations. Her (office) dog Plutobrings everyone down to earth. 

Dr. Johannes Lundershausen

Senior Climate Advisor

Johannes developed our Climate Mitigation Tool, providing almost 200 solutions for funders and acting as the basis for selecting projects on the Hub. 

Daniel Großbröhmer

Impact Advisor

Daniel is in charge of quality control. He spent a decade advising international non-profits in strategy and project planning, ensuring their work generates maximum impact.

Gabriele Liautaud

Grant Manager

As the Hub’s grant manager, Gabriele advises our donors and accompanies their charitable projects and portfolios. Working with foundations and individual philanthropists, she brings along nearly 20 years of experience in philanthropy.

Now or never

Protecting the life-sustaining function of our planet is the critical task of our generation. We believe philanthropy can help effectively and in time. Here is how:

The world is not on track to keep global warming well below 2°C. If we cross that limit, extreme weather events, food shortages, and mass migration will spin out of control.

Governments and industries need to act more decisively and with greater speed. Through supporting innovative projects, philanthropists can take the lead and bring us closer to a future within planetary boundaries.

Identifying and vetting outstanding climate projects is hard work. We have led hundreds of talks with experts and partners to curate that portfolio for you - and carefully assessed the value, credibility, and impact of each one.

Our chosen projects work hard to change policies, build coalitions, and raise awareness. They restore nature, empower communities, or push for better legislation.

You can now make these projects grow and flourish. Donate conveniently and securely online, or approach us to find your type of funding.

Selection of projects

We give you an easier entry point to effective climate funding by taking over the hard part: finding and vetting climate solutions from across the world. Here is our four-step process.

Step 1

Partner endorsement

Step 2

Framework fit

Step 3

Due diligence

Step 4

Live monitoring

Step 1

Partner endorsement

Active Philanthropy taps into the knowledge and experience of some of the world’s most renowned climate funders, a community of friends we’ve established over the past 17 years. For every new cohort of projects, we ask for their recommendations to enter the Climate Solutions Hub.  

Step 2

Framework fit

The “Climate Mitigation Tool” is our framework for selecting projects for the Hub. It connects four dimensions by which we measure projects:

  • What: Is it a climate topic with high potential, achieving significant emissions reduction, aiming for landslide structural change and addressing co-benefits such as social justice? 

  • How: Is the project using smart and effective strategies for change? Does it have a proven track record of success with these methods?

  • When: Is momentum building around this issue, giving this project a greater chance for greater impact? 

  • Where: Is there a particular opportunity for climate progress in the selected country, what are the socio-political conditions? Does the project reach the relevant local stakeholders?

Step 3

Due diligence

Experienced analysts from our team conduct thorough due diligence on the project’s organisation: Their financial and legal status, governance structure, impact strategy, risk assessment, annual reports, qualification of senior staff and more.

Each verification involves at least two personal meetings with the project leads and a total of around 25 work hours.

Step 4

Live monitoring

When the project finally enters the Hub, we start proposing it to potential funders. Our team monitors funding progress and adapts the project’s online presentation as needed. Donors receive bi-annual reports, can meet project teams in person and connect with like-minded funders.

If you find reasons for improvement - we’re always looking forward to your feedback!

Our partners

Some of the most experienced climate funders in the world share their expertise and recommend new projects for the Hub, often addressing social co-benefits.

How can we grow together?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find your question answered here, please use our contact form below.

How do I know if my supported project achieves its goals?

Once a project is funded, it must provide regular written updates about its development, latest successes, and challenges. These reports will be emailed quarterly to all its donors. Major project donors have enhanced options to engage directly with projects.

Can I fund several projects at once, or even whole sectors?

We decided to give each project a worthy stage and highlight their individual approaches. Our page architecture is therefore geared towards the presentation of individual projects. If you have donated to one project, you can proceed to donate to another – and to as many as you like. If you want more flexibility in your funding, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your tailored solution without any additional costs.

Do I get a receipt for my donation?

With the confirmation of your donation, you will also receive your receipt, tax-deductible within Germany. Please consult your tax advisor to determine whether the document is also accepted in your country. Get in touch with us at any time so that we can find the most sensible solution together.

How is the Climate Solutions Hub funded?

We have been generously supported with grants from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the Laudes Foundation, and the Stiftung Mercator, as well as by individual funders for the initial design and development of the platform.

We rely on recurring donations from platform users to keep the Climate Solutions Hub up and running. Please check out the donation options at the bottom of each project page.

Who is Active Philanthropy?

Active Philanthropy is a Berlin-based charitable organisation with 17 years of experience supporting individuals, foundations, corporate families, and philanthropic organisations who wish to engage in climate action.

By German law, we are a gGmbH, a non-profit limited liability company. We are funded by donations and grants from individuals and non-governmental organisations, and through service fees. For more information about Active Philanthropy, please visit www.activephilanthropy.org

What is Active Philanthropy’s role regarding the Climate Solutions Hub?

Active Philanthropy owns and manages the Climate Solutions Hub. We aim to diversify and strengthen philanthropic involvement in climate action throughout Europe. Our highest priority is for the Climate Solutions Hub to represent a safe and trusted space for funders, to make climate action more accessible, and ultimately to bring us closer to a climate-safe future.

Why does Active Philanthropy demand a share from each donation?

With every donation you make to a project, we ask for a mandatory share to co-fund Active Philanthropy’s work - all made transparent during the online donation process. We´ve won several grants to finance the development of this platform, but our social business model to run it sustainably depends on regular revenues from your donations.

As soon as your money reaches us, we deduct your designated donations to Active and forward the remaining amount directly to the project. The organisation provides regular updates to donors on their activities and how donations have led to impact.

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